photo: Kiara Octagonal Tray

This month of celebrating was a blast. Which, for my waistline wasn’t so great, but for enjoying myself, was sublime. Carl and I recently moved into a new apartment, which we’ve been renovating for about a year. (I can’t wait to show you more in future posts…) That being said, our kitchen is a bit away from our living room, so I realized in about two seconds how important trays are when carting hor d’oeuvres back and forth…in high heels nonetheless. I’ve always loved them placed upon an ottoman with a sprinkling of beautiful objèts or books, but honestly, true practicality was never my focus. That is, until now.


Seraphina Tray  Lyon TrayFirth Octagonal Tray  Wren Bone Trays
l-r: Seraphina Tray, Lyon Tray, Firth Octagonal Tray, Wren Bone Tray