photo: Harpers Bazaar
Jennifer Aniston in Vintage Valentino

Vintage fashion is amazing. Aside from the thrill of the hunt, the prize is not looking like anyone else at the party. For a true fashionista, there’s nothing like the opportunity to express your stylish individuality in a room full of rather meek risk takers. It takes (along with a great deal of confidence) an innate eye to locate and tailor a piece from a long gone era into a modern, fresh silhouette.

That got me thinking.…What can we do that draws upon the past in a respectful and fashion-inspired way? How can we translate let’s say gold boucle into a metal detail or develop a process for a material that looks appropriately aged, yet crisp and contemporary? It’s been so much fun thinking this way, and we’ve only just begun. Here’s to fashion and furniture!


XO Wendy

Morand 5 Drawer Chest Luna Dining Chair Talia Bulb Vases

l-r: Morand 5 Drawer Chest & Collection featuring custom hardware, tapered legs & antique gold finishing.

Luna Dining Chair, Counter & Bar Collection featuring a clamshell inspired design, textured chenille and both gold and polished nickel legs.

Talia Ceramic Collection available in a variety of shapes. This in depth collection of ceramics from Thailand features a hand applied, reactive glaze. No two pieces will be alike making each fabulously unique.


photo: The Sweetest Occasion

I don’t normally toast the end of summer, as it’s my most favorite season. Everyone has a smile on his or her face, layers aren’t needed and the rosé is flowing…all day (I couldn’t resist). There’s just something about the warm weather, languorous days and constant gatherings.

However, this year we have the chicest ice buckets you’ve ever seen. Inspired by a mid-century, top swinging acrylic design I picked up decades ago, we’ve updated it to accommodate the fashions of today. Of course, we’re doing it in crystal clear acrylic but we’ve also added polished marble bases with clear acrylic tops. So, it’s also the perfect vessel for blush colored M & M’s or whatever your guilty pleasure. Knowing I can still keep toasting in style is making the transition to fall just the tiniest bit easier.


XO Wendy

Colette Ice Bucket - Arabescato  Colette Ice Bucket – Nero Storm  Colette Ice Bucket
l-r: Colette Ice Bucket in Arabescato, Nero Storm and Clear Acrylic


photo: Brooklyn Blonde

Bottom line… it’s all about the details. Your outfit is not complete without that final touch, be it a piece of jewelry, a distinct belt, a purposefully messy updo or a glossed lip. Fashion stylists have their tricks, as do Interior Designers; I never tire of hearing them.

I know I’ve told you Carl and I recently moved and I’ve been working on that top layer. The jewelry for the home. Whether it’s a perfectly placed knot on top of stacked coffee table books, a brass tray on the bar or a multi-textured sculpture, it’s the objéts that attract the eye. It’s not easy, and I’m super meticulous (or crazy, as Carl would say), but I’m just obsessed with curating that perfect trifecta of adornments.

Here are some of my favorites, and I live for my Gucci Belt too.

XO, Wendy

Deanna Leaf Bowl  Haylynn Platters Bliss Square Scalloped Tray   Tulay Discs
l-r: Deanna Leaf Bowl, Haylynn Platters, Bliss Square Scalloped Tray, Tulay Discs


Mirror, mirror on the wall… It’s all about the “mirror-selfie,” according to my stepdaughter, Hannah. Honestly, upon embarking on any excursion we can’t get very far without a cry to “Wait!”, and I turn around to find her snapping away into some indiscriminate mirror she spotted. I get it; they’re all doing it. Random, baseless activities need to be cataloged and archived into the social media queue for all to witness. I mean, we NEED to know what everyone and anyone is doing at every given moment… Ok, so you can detect a bit of sarcasm here, but honestly, I get it. It’s fun, often funny, and provides an outlet for a bit of creativity (at least this is what I tell myself).

So, in order to step-up the mirror-selfie inclined, here are a few sophisticated pieces and statement mirrors to up your game.

XO, Wendy

Claudia Mirrored Screen  Dax Grand Mirror  Monique Vanity Mirrors  Kloss Starburst Mirror
l-r: Claudia Mirrored Screen, Dax Grand Mirror, Monique Vanity Mirrors, Kloss Starburst Mirror


From time to time, I need to write about topics other than home décor. As much as we all live for design, I am also obsessed with fashion, food, culture and yes, manners. I was brought up in Baltimore and although it’s not the Deep South by any stretch, there was a formality that permeated through society. Basic manners were expected (at least I thought they were basic at the time), both while interacting with others and at the table.

AND TODAY? What’s going on? When did people start saying “No problem,” in response to “Thank you”?

No problem? What?

As you can tell, it’s really getting to me. I recently witnessed a young man (20’s) hold the door for an elderly lady (very nice, yes) and as she looked at him and said, “thank you,” he responded with, “no problem.” No problem? Like it was ever a problem to hold a door for someone? Or, it’s a problem to “please pass the ketchup”? ENOUGH. It’s time to bring back “you’re welcome.” It’s refined, acknowledges an act of kindness and confirms you did a little something for someone …hopefully, with pleasure. And, it certainly wasn’t a problem.

You’re welcome.

XO, Wendy

Mind Your Manners  Dining


photo: Kiara Octagonal Tray

This month of celebrating was a blast. Which, for my waistline wasn’t so great, but for enjoying myself, was sublime. Carl and I recently moved into a new apartment, which we’ve been renovating for about a year. (I can’t wait to show you more in future posts…) That being said, our kitchen is a bit away from our living room, so I realized in about two seconds how important trays are when carting hor d’oeuvres back and forth…in high heels nonetheless. I’ve always loved them placed upon an ottoman with a sprinkling of beautiful objèts or books, but honestly, true practicality was never my focus. That is, until now.

So, I divided trays into two categories for future development: 1, usability, portability and design and 2, purely decorative (ie: heavy or low sides). For sure there’s a need for both, but for serving you need them to have both form and function. Here are a few of my favorites I plan on having at home.

Now, time to hit the gym!

XO, Wendy

Seraphina Tray  Lyon TrayFirth Octagonal Tray  Wren Bone Trays
l-r: Seraphina Tray, Lyon Tray, Firth Octagonal Tray, Wren Bone Tray


photo: Fendi

As the Thanksgiving kick-off is now behind us, the holidays are rapidly approaching, which, depending on the type of person you are, either stresses you out OR you start singing. Personally, I love to entertain, so the holiday season gives me an excuse to fill our home with family and friends.

Ahhh, and what to wear… Well, this season it’s ALL about velvet, so I treated myself to a few new pieces. I’ll rotate my black, three-quarter sleeve blouse with of-the-moment cropped, flared jeans, and Aquazzura Sexy Thing heels (really, that’s what they’re called) for the more casual, yet festive evenings. And for dressier occasions, I’ll pair the sleek pair of black velvet trousers with an ivory, silk, ruffled blouse, and slip on the same Sexy Thing heels. Add some jewelry and a smoky eye and I’m ready to go.

That being said, back to the fabric du jour… I must tell you about our Interlude Home velvets. Fashion Inspired Living couldn’t play better this season than with velvet. Wear it, sit on it, and touch it. We predicted that this trend, which is fashionable and modern, yet classic, would play oh so well with home décor. Dress up any room with the sophistication and spot-on style that is velvet… and mixed with acrylic, is so, so chic.

XO Wendy

Asher Stool  Brynn Stool  Tristan Acrylic Klismos Chair
l-r: Brynn Stool, Asher Stool, Tristan Klismos Chair


Although our inspiration comes from many different sources, fashion is our driving force. I just can’t help it. First of all, it’s my background, secondly, I love it and lastly, I have a crazy admiration for designers and their creative passion. It is just endless and boundless and the opposite of risk adverse. The use of leather is a perfect example, especially this season. It was seen all over the runways and is bursting into every category.

While I’m spouting about leather, let me share a secret bespoke belt source in the city of light. And, who doesn’t want to go to Paris? These tiny boutiques are called Losco (20 rue Sévigné or 5 rue de Sèvres) and they’re designed to look like apothecaries with little drawers, cabinets and surprises everywhere. First, you choose your belt, color, and design from the myriad of choices, next, pick your buckle, and then stumble through your mediocre French to have it assembled, sized and voilà! A unique, perfectly fitting and of course, chic, belt to rock with your new flared denim. Thank me later.


Ok, now back to home décor. We seized upon the leather trend to create more, more and more fab pieces. Hair on hide in so many color palettes, fur stools, benches and ottomans, upholstery, studded boxes and AMAZING chairs. Here are a few of my new faves.

Au Revoir,
XO Wendy

Tristan Klismos Chair  Bella Pouf - Gray  Chase Storage basket - spotted hide
Tristan Klismos Chair –          Bella Pouf – Gray                   Chase Storage Basket –
Gray Sheep Skin                                                                    Spotted Hide



Ok, so I’m going to tell you about one of my all-time favorite items. One we created out of a simple and basic need… THIRST! Remember the last time you held a drink and had nowhere to put it down because a cocktail table was too far or an annoying stretch away? Or, when needed a little side table to accent a beautiful sofa? I do too. So, a few years back, we developed a new category… “the drink table!” After seeing their popularity rise, we now have over 50 styles in luxe and sophisticated singular or mixed materials. Like acrylic. Marble. Petrified wood. And lots more.

Here are a few of my very favorites, and do peruse lots more at

round drink tables  round drink tablesround drink tables  round drink tables

To go along with it here’s a recipe for my go-to summer aperitif. Carl and I discovered it in Capri last year and I have been pining for summer ever since. And now, you have a place to put it!

Aperol Spritz

Pour 1-2 parts Aperol (I don’t like it too sweet) over ice
3 parts Prosecco
1 splash soda (I prefer Pellegrino)
Serve in a wine or rocks glass
Garnish with a slice of orange and a green olive

Bottoms up!

XO, Wendy



Leaving the fashion business after thirteen years was quite a step for me… Like many businesswomen, my identity had become completely intertwined with what I did every day (Associate Publisher of W Magazine). I knew I had to jump, so I did and somehow, I knew my creative energy would resurface in a new and exciting way. I just didn’t know how.

Then I met Carl.
Home décor. Love.
Modern & sophisticated. Absolutely.
Living with luxury. Hello!

One new marriage and three step-children later, here I am. Not only did I inherit a new family eight years ago, but an adventurous globetrotting husband who grabbed (or should I say yanked) me by the hand and swept me off to India. And Indonesia. And Vietnam. And that was just the start. I was hooked. World travel and a deep connection with global art, culture, food and people was in my blood. The icing on the cake was getting to translate my amazing new discoveries and love for interior design into the interior décor collections and objets you’ll find at Interlude Home.

So, after some (ok, a lot of) prodding from friends and colleagues, welcome to my StyleFile! Here, I’ll be sharing personal tips and tidbits from my travels… restaurants, hotels, recipes, cultural curiosities. SHOPPING. (Wait until I tell you about my favorite bespoke belt boutique in Paris!) Anything else I can think of to make you look and feel great, inspire style and have a good time. It’s all about #fashioninspiredliving.

I look forward to having some fun here and want to hear from YOU, so please share your journeys, discoveries and finds with me! Let the blog games begin.

XO, Wendy

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